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Monday, August 17, 2009

The Harvest of hundreds of onions


Way back in April, I posted about planting "Hundreds of Onions".

Well, this week I harvested the last of them. What was left were the yellow and red onions. The sweet onions matured faster and were pulled (and enjoyed!) back in June and July.

These onions are storage onions. They store well in a root cellar (hopefully!) for several months (in our case, a cool room in our basement). They need to be cured (so the outer skins dry out) first. This is traditionally done on a screen. I only have one screen for that purpose, laid across two folding chairs. Needless to say I had more onions than would fit. I set newspapers on the floor and laid the onions on those. Not sure if this will work well, but it was all I could do in a pinch.

Whew! A lot of work that was, but enjoyable.



  1. Ha ha, that reminded me of some torture scene from LOST or something, lol!

  2. wow!! That makes me want to cry...get it??? Cry!! LOLOL!!