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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hundreds and Hundreds of onions

Got my onions planted over Easter weekend. Just in time for the day-after-Easter rains!
I put them all out at our farm plot.
I think I put in close to 500 onions.
I did about 100 of them as plants (Walla Walla).

Then I did another 400 as sets. Super Sweet, Red Wetherfield, and plain ole' yellow cooking onions.

I have a very scientific method of making a straight row which involves a stick and some string.

My mom stopped out on Easter to show grandpa my plot (he's in a nursing home now with grandma). He couldn't resist making it a family affair and getting down in the dirt with me. He's also a gardener, spent his summers on his aunt's farm, and tried his hand at farming for a few years when my mom was young.

Want to see what the harvest of "Hundreds & Hundreds of Onions" looked like?  Click here to view!


  1. That's really special about your Grandpa coming to see and help. That picture is really a beautiful one!

    (I love the picture from your previous post of your "office"!)