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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wishful Acres Farm needs your support! Buy local, buy delicious!

Hey, you locals!  You, who live in the Freeport / Rockford / Galena area of Northwest Illinois, the Monroe / Madison area of Wisconsin.  We're calling YOU to support our farm, which is located near Freeport, IL.

We have a small, loyal following here at Wishful Acres Farm, especially with our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) members during our CSA program from May-November.  However, we always need more support, especially now during the winter months!

We grow a large crop of winter greens in our passive-solar-heated small greenhouses.  Sweet, thick winter spinach, and sweet frilly lettuce (red & green mix).  It is sold from our farm washed & bagged, ready to eat, for $2.50 per bag (similar in size to the ready-to-eat gourmet salad mixes sold in grocery stores).  Ours is organically grown, right here on our farm, and in our opinion it's the most delicious spinach and lettuce you'll ever eat.

We also have our free-range brown eggs available year-round, the bright orange, super-firm yolks, and rich taste reflect the high quality of these eggs.  They are fed a natural diet of chicken feed enhanced with pro-biotics and yeast cultures.. not your typical cheap chicken feed at all.  They are also supplemented with our garden produce in season, and the treats of kitchen scraps.  We never medicate our chickens - no antibiotics, no hormones. Our chickens have constant access to the outdoors.  As a result of our methods & specialty chicken feed, our costs to raise these eggs are very high, which is reflected in the price of $4 per dozen.

To know what's available, you should sign up to receive our Email Newsletter.  Sent out a couple of times per month, it lets you know what is currently available and how to order.  Visit the newsletter page on our web site here for more information about signing up: .

Our winter spinach & lettuce is picked to order. When you place an order and determine when you'd like to pickup your order at our Farm Store, I harvest your order fresh within 24 hours of your pickup time.  It's picked, washed, and bagged super fresh, and ready for you when you come to pick it up.

Our frozen meats are available all the time in the Farm Store, which is open by appointment.  We have free-range chickens and organic beef in the Farm Store freezers, however our pork is sold out until late next summer.

By supporting small family farms like ours, you ensure a local, sustainable source of your delicious foods.

To purchase from our Farm Store, contact Penny at or call 815-990-2380.  Farm Store appointments are generally available on weekday mornings, Saturday afternoons, or Sunday all day.

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