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Saturday, December 15, 2012

New local record: longest days without measurable snow

Well... not the best news, and unfortunately not that surprising.  We've just set a record here for longest amount of time without a measurable snowfall.  Our last measurable snowfall was the first week of March (over 9 months ago).  We've had NO measurable snow yet this year (I'll admit, my sons and I have witnessed a few flurries, but nothing that really stuck to the ground yet).

Farmers in our area have been hoping for precipitation.  We're still at the "severe" level of drought... I've heard we're anywhere from 10" to 14" short on precipitation right now.

So... I suppose this lack of snowfall is simply a continuation of the dry, warm weather we'd had for the past year (last winter was the mildest winter I've ever experienced, and I've lived in this area my entire life).

Not the best news... and it is very worrisome that the drought will continue into next year's growing season. 

Trying to stay optimistic here at the farm!

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