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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Our farm's 'Sweet Winter Spinach' is a sure winner all winter long!

Yes (!) to fresh eating in the winter... even in cold areas of the U.S.A.!!!

Historically, gardens in our area of America are left barren from Oct-May (we're on the Illinois / Wisconsin border). Well, here at Wishful Acres Farm, our gardens are in production serving our customers and our family year-round!

Certain types of leafy green vegetables are super cold-hardy and... shhhh... here's a secret: the cold weather makes them do magnificent things. This picture is some of our farm's "Sweet Winter Spinach", harvested straight from the field in early December (later in winter, I'll harvest from the unheated greenhouses).

This spinach is super thick, crunchy, and as sweet as can be (cold temps force the plant to produce more sugars and thicker, large leaves for survival).

Delicious, fresh, and local!


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