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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bacon spinach alfredo over homemade pasta

The members of our farm's Community Supported Agriculture program received their final share of the year last week.  That means my workload has lightened a bit, and combine that with dreary, rainy, cool weather here at the farm... time for some cooking!

My husband made homemade pasta (whole wheat), featuring our farm's free-range eggs.  I was ecstatic, as he hasn't made his homemade noodles since we moved out to the farm (almost 2 years ago already!). My contribution to the pasta:  homemade alfredo sauce, our farm's bacon sauteed with our farm's sweet winter spinach.

Sorry to make you look at this picture without being able to taste it... yes it was delicious! So delicious!

The recipe for the whole wheat pasta and alfredo sauce can both be found on the Recipe page of this blog (link at left). Here are some direct links:

 -Homemade whole wheat pasta (scroll down below the ravioli picture to see the basic recipe):

-Homemade Alfredo Sauce:

Oh, Yum!

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