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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tomatoes! Pictures & descriptions, now available for purchase!

As announced in our email newsletter, our tomato crop not only survived the drought but is doing very well!     Those of you who are locals and wish to purchase our "naturally grown, beyond organic" tomatoes from our farm, here is how.  Our Farm Store will not have regular open hours, but you may place an order for tomatoes (we also finally have extra free-range eggs available, as well as our chicken meat).  You may pick up your order at the Farm Store by appointment - simply arrange a convenient time with me by emailing or call 815-990-2380.  Your tomato order will be picked fresh that very day!  If you wish to have your order delivered to you (Freeport only, select days & times), delivery service is available for $3.

Without further ado, here are the unique, naturally-grown tomato varieties we have available for purchase!

 My favorite tomato this year!  Pictured above: Peach Tomatoes.  These are super, super sweet and very juicy.  My favorite variety to eat like an apple while harvesting!  These unique heirloom tomatoes feature a very thin skin that is fuzzy like a peach.  So sweet & delicious, worth trying!  These are small - you'll likely get between 6-12 of these in a pound.  $3 per pound.

Pictured above: Mixed varieties Cherry Tomatoes!  Heirloom varieties featured include Chocolate Cherry (purple colored), German Blond (pale yellow), Yellow Pear (pear shaped), and SunGold (orange).  Available by the pint (pictured above in a pint box), for $3 per pint.  These sweet cherry tomatoes are like healthy candy!

Pictured Above: Pink Brandywine tomatoes.  Brandywine is considered to be the best-tasting tomato variety in existence, with the perfect blend of acidity.  These tomatoes are large slicers, juicy, with a thin skin.  Available for purchase at $3 per pound. Please specify you'd like the smallest available, as these large tomatoes can weigh up to one pound each.

 Pictured above: orange Moonglow tomatoes.  These are meaty (not as juicy), and sweet.  These are not as large (fit in the palm of your hand).  $3 per pound.  You'll typically get 3-4 of them for a pound.

Very unique: our Red Stuffer tomato variety. These tomatoes look like a bell pepper, but don't be fooled - they are a tomato.  A hollow tomato!  Simply cut off the top, pull out the insides like you would a pepper.  Stuff with your favorite combo - great for stuffing for raw salads, or have fun and stuff with unique fillings and bake!  Since these are hollow, they are very lightweight.  One of them fits in your palm, not too big & not too small.  You'll likely receive 5-10 of these in a pound.  $4 per pound.

 Regular red tomatoes.  The garden-fresh red tomatoes you're all familiar with.  $3 per pound.

Pictured above: Kellogg's Breakfast.  Our historical favorite here at the farm.  Big and juicy.  Sweet.  Great sliced plain with salt & pepper, on sandwiches, with salads.  These tend to be large, so please specify when ordering if you'd like the smallest available.  One typically is the size of your open hand and they can weigh one pound each.  $3 per pound.

To place your order, email Penny at or call 815-990-2380.  Orders available for pickup here at the farm or delivered to Freeport, IL.

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