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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Goodbye pigs

We said goodbye to our 4 girls today. Girl pigs, that is!

This was our first year raising hogs, we started with 4 weaned heritage-breed pigs purchased from a nearby farmer friend way back in early May.

They turned out to surprise us all. After a fiasco their first weekend here (the great escape, we'll call it), they were easy-mannered & easy to care for.

In 2 weeks time, they will be returned to our farm in the form of frozen cuts of pork. They're being processed at my favorite small, family-owned meat processor just 5 miles down the road. They do a great job of ethical processing & awesome award-winning methods of making sausage, bratwurst, chops, roasts, and bacon.

Those interested in purchasing some Berkshire pork, watch our blog for detains soon.

We look forward to raising a few pigs again next year. And we look forward to meals of our own farm-raised pork this fall & winter.

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