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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Our 'farm truck' making customer deliveries

Don't let our "new" minivan fool you... it's actually our farm truck.

After finally selling our house in town after 18 months (did you know you can't purchase a foreclosure with a contingency to sell your other house first? Yep, but I think all the stress was worth it to buy this foreclosure farm.) Anyway... I digress! We were finally able to buy a newer model minivan. Ours was falling apart, had no hubcaps to speak of, you get the idea.

So now this is our "new" farm truck. And I'm off today making customer deliveries. Bins full of veggies, cooler full of frozen meat & eggs.

Don't laugh... the minivan, aka farm truck, also doubles as our hauling-3-little-kids vehicle!

We just need to install a hitch on this one & we'll be good to go!


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  1. Wait - you guys sold your intown house?! That is GREAT news!! Congrats on the new van.