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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Be vewy quiet I'm stalking wild turkeys...!

We have a lot of wild turkeys in our area, my sons & I have been seeing a lot of them down the road. Until yesterday, we had never seen one on our farm. My oldest alerted us to about 20 of them right out our back door. The excited voices of our 3 sons finally scared the turkeys away. A few minutes later, I was outside harvesting basil for our Community Supported Agriculture members & I spotted the flock of turkeys down in our tomato jungle (when you're talking about over 500 tomato plants, it's no longer a "patch" but a "jungle"). So, naturally, I began stalking the flock. Thinking I'm quiet, sneaking up in the rain... yeah right! They knew exactly where I was. So, I followed them into our small woods. I had my cell phone on me & snapped this picture, it's far away, but you can see a few turkeys there under the tree in the middle. Must say, I never thought I'd be following a
flock of wild turkeys through my own woods! :-)

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