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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pork cuts now available for purchase!

Those of you who live nearby, here is your chance to get your hands on some truly delicious pork.  Berkshire Pork!  For those wondering, Berkshire is to pork what Angus is to beef.  So wonderful: juicy & fabulously delicious.

This pork was raised right here on our farm, many of you saw the pictures & postings of our pigs as they grew this summer.  They were raised outdoors with plenty of room to roam & a shelter for protection. 

The pigs were processed at our nearby award-winning meat processor just 5 miles down the road from our farm (real, old-fashioned local butchering/processing shops do still exist here in the Midwest as a service to the nearby farmers..... and they do it all, from butchering, to cutting, aging, sausage-making, smoking/curing.  And the taste when things are done this way, unless you've had pork from a tiny processor, I can't even explain it... it tastes so out of this world compared to pork in a grocery store.  Especially the cuts that are cured or ground, like the bacon, hams, ham hocks, and sausages.  Truly Delicious.

To view the available frozen cuts and our pricing, you can visit the Natural Meats page on our web site.


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