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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Recipes, farm news, + Beef, eggs, vegetables for sale

Cheers from our farm!

I've been busy on the farm lately planting the first crop of 2012 - garlic!  Also keeping me busy are the fall vegetable crops and our CSA program.  We'll be growing vegetables here into at least early December!
In other news, did you know our farm is a legally licensed and insured retailer of meat?  We currently offer high-quality, delicious beef raised on a nearby Certified Organic farm.  Our prices and available cuts are on our web site here: .  While I do hope to begin offering chicken meat next year, it's a huge process and will even involve a 5-hour drive south to the nearest IL licensed poultry processing plant.  So in the meantime, you can buy brown eggs from our happy laying hens for $3 per dozen.
Any farm order over $20 qualifies for free delivery.

We do have some fresh organic vegetables available for purchase this week as well:

-Spicy Asian Mix -$2.50 per gallon bag - (picture of the mix here) - you can eat this mix of Asian greens raw as a salad, or stir fry lightly to turn your kitchen into a Chinese Restaurant for the night.  Just add rice & soy sauce.  Refrigerate.

- $1 per bag - at it's fall peak.  One of the best tacos I've ever had was a simple combination of meat, onions, and cilantro.  Recipe below.  Refrigerate.

-Lettuce - $2.50 per gallon bag - mix of green & red lettuce leaves.

- $2.50 per gallon bag- Big beautiful  arugula leaves this week, it's peaking, so you'll receive a bigger than usual bag full.  I've seen recipes for arugula on pizza!  Great on top of a lettuce salad or on a sandwich.  Refrigerate.

-Green Onions - big bunch of 10 large sized $1.50 - great on salads, on top of potatoes, stir fried, and more!  Refrigerate.

-Red Mustard Greens or Green Frilly Mustard Greens - Spicy & delicious - $2.00 per gallon bag. Can be eaten raw, sauteed, or make Mustard Greens Chips (like kale chips, recipe below). Refrigerate.

-Radishes - $1 per bunch - French Breakfast variety

And here are some recipe ideas for all those delicious organic veggies!

Cilantro & Onion Taco

-1 pound high-quality ground beef (our prices here)
-5 green onions
-1 bag cilantro
-soft shell corn tortillas
-chili powder, cumin, salt

Brown ground beef in a pan.  Season to your taste with chili powder, cumin, and salt.
In the meantime, chop the green onion & cilantro and combine in a bowl.
Place the meat on the tortilla and top with the onion & cilantro mixture.  Enjoy!

Mustard Greens Chips
The results are in: the green frilly mustard greens work better than the flat red mustard greens.  I made chips from both last week and the green frilly worked much better.
Here you can see the recipe & picture on the farm blog:

Thanks everyone for your support!

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