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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Our CSA Email Newsletter for August 12 deliveries

Our CSA Email Newsletter for August 12  deliveries

Welcome to your week 5 CSA newsletter!  Listed below are the vegetables (and brown eggs if you opted for them) included in your share this week, along with cooking ideas & recipes. 

Delivery Schedule: Your share will be delivered on Friday, between 12-2 pm, unless you have arranged for a farm pickup or otherwise. 

Fall Shares Announced!  Apparently, the link last week wasn't working for everyone, so here is a new link with information on our Fall CSA:

Optional purchases this week: ( If you want any delivered with your order, just let me know by Friday morning via email and I'll make a note.)
  • From the bulk bins: 1/2 bushels of our cucumbers now available, $10 each (that's at least 25 cucumbers)
  • From the freezer: Certified Organic Beef (cuts & prices at end of newsletter)
  • From the pantry: Jars of many types-  pickles, apple butter, pear butter, and more!  (list at end of newsletter).  We offer a refund on returned jars & lids so we can reuse them, and it saves you a bit of money!
Your Share:
Here is what I believe will be in your share this week, as I walk the farm gardens, but things may change by Friday so this isn't guaranteed!  :- )

-Tomatoes - Ripe red full-sized tomatoes will be included with your share this week!  (Later weeks will include different colors & varieties of heirloom tomatoes, most of them ripen a bit later in the season.).  You will also receive mixed colors cherry & pear tomatoes.  So delicious, there is nothing like a fresh, locally grown tomato.  After you eat these you'll want to chuck the incomparable grocery store varieties into the gutter.  I have some tomato recipes at the end of this newsletter!  Tomatoes should not be refrigerated.  Keep on counter. 

-Green Beans (Green Italian Flat or Yellow Wax) -
this is a big maybe.  I'm not sure if the new planting will be fully ripe & ready by this week's CSA deliveries.  If you don't get the beans this week, you can count on them for next week.  :-)  Refrigerate.

-Sweet Bell Peppers - Green or Purple this week.  Refrigerate.

-Hot Peppers - Green chili & jalapeno.  You could make fresh Salsa this week!  Refrigerate.

-Leeks -  The last of the leeks in this week's share.  A new recipe at the end of the newsletter. Refrigerate.

-Baby Squash
- back to the tender baby squash this week.  Why?  Because they're great raw, and mix wonderfully with raw tomatoes in this week's Bruschetta Recipe!  (You could also use them in a fresh salsa recipe!) Refrigerate the baby squash, they won't keep at room temperature as well as the full-sized squash.

-Basil.  This week's fresh herb, I'll try to keep it coming as it's the best companion to tomatoes.  Can be used in the bruschetta recipe this week.  Refrigerate.

-Lettuce Mix or Baby Swiss Chard - Hopefully the lettuce will give us another week, it's not doing very well & the new plantings weren't growing well in the horrendous heat we've had all summer.  If the lettuce is not good for harvest this week, I'll switch it out for baby swiss chard, which can be chopped & eaten raw like lettuce.  Refrigerate.

-Cucumbers - a NEW variety this week, one you've probably never seen or tasted before.  Lemon cucumbers! Totally unique, they are round white cucumbers that get yellow striping or tinting when ripe - resembling a lemon.  A mind cucumber with a bit of nutty or peppery aftertaste. I think you will also receive the curly, fun, crunchy Asian Burpless cucumbers again this week as well.  Refrigerate.

-Sweet Onions-  Refrigerate sweet onions.  If you have extra sweet onions from each week's share, they can be easily frozen for use this winter!  Simply chop them up & toss into a freezer bag.

-Garlic - This week we'll go with the "Silver Rose" gourmet variety.  I'm having fun with all this garlic, and I hope you are too!  You can use raw garlic in this week's Bruschetta recipe.  Garlic may be left out on your counter for several weeks.

-Brown Eggs or full-size zucchinis
, depending upon your option upon signup.

And here are some recipe ideas for all those delicious organic veggies!  I cooked most of these recipes over the past weekend, so they have been posted to our farm blog with pictures for you to see.  I'll include a link to each recipe on our farm blog web site.  (If you dislike receiving the recipes in this format, let me know).


Slow Roasted Potatoes with LeeksRecipe with picture is here on the farm blog:

Bruschetta (With tons of extra veggies from your share!)
Recipe with picture is here on farm blog:

BLT with Egg Sandwich

Recipe here:

Tomato Salad with Hard Boiled Egg


Grilling Ideas:

-No new grilling ideas this week, as we're now in high season for raw eating!  Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes...
  Cuts of Organic Beef available below for grilling.

More information on the Extra Purchases:

  • Bulk Bins: 1/2 bushels of cucumbers  - $10 each.  Tons of cukes are great for making freezer, refrigerator, or canned pickles or for eating fresh, you can go in on a 1/2 bushel and get about 25 cukes to split with friends & neighbors!  Smaller amounts: 50 cents per cucumber.

Thanks for all your support!  Let me know if there is anything we can do for you, or any questions you'd like answered.

Penny Peterson
Wishful Acres Farm
Certified Naturally Grown

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