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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Our house is officially on the market!

Gosh, what a beautiful week it's been!  I hear the weather is turning cold again tomorrow, so I've had the boys out enjoying it while it lasts.

News on the new farmhouse:  we are set to close on November 30.  Then we'll officially be the owners of, *gasp*, two mortgages.  My in-laws are lined up to rent our current home until it sells, but to do that we have to move to the farm.  The farm is not exactly, ahem, habitable right now.  It's winterized; been empty for a few years.  So... no water, no heat.  To get water & heat, we first need to get the furnace running, fix the cut pipes in the basement, cut out some mold in walls, fix a kicked-in exterior door, clean up mildew, see if the well pump works, get the water tested, etc etc etc.

But, on a more positive note (I sure need one of those right now, lol!), our current house is now officially on the market!  It's listed locally, but can be viewed on right here:

For a more detailed listing, with more pictures here:

It will be very hard to leave this house!  We have been here for about 10 years - our first home - we bought it a couple of years after we got married and honestly never thought we'd leave it.  We renovated it from top to bottom, back to it's original glory.  I am glad that we will be leaving it more beautiful than it was when we arrived.  But.... it's the only home my sons have known - all 3 were born when we lived here, have been raised here.  It will be hard, for sure.

It is hard to have faith, leave behind the familiar and safe, and take the flying leap into the unknown...

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  1. that's a great price on the house - at least around here it is. =) It'll sell quickly.