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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hi Ho, Hi Ho; It's back to work I go

I started applying for part-time jobs as soon as the ink was dry on our farmhouse offer!  Finances will be really tight until our current house sells.  We'll need money for fixing broken doors, filling propane tanks, etc, etc, etc. - we definitely have our share of work coming at us!

So, my first part-time job starts this weekend.  I'll be working Saturdays & Sundays in a nearby town through Christmas in a catalog call center.  Basically I'll be taking orders from shoppers ordering from a Christmas catalog.  Hey, it's a job.  Money in savings, a cushion.  For the record, aside from farming, this is the first job outside the home that I've worked in 8 years.  It will hard for the boys to adjust to mommy being gone for 2 days, 9 hours each - they are already whining about me being gone before I've even started!  :-)

Hubby can watch the boys on the weekend, and it will only be for 2 months. 

I may have another part-time job in the works, too.  Whew! 

All for farm, farm for all!

Thanks for visiting the All-Natural Mama blog!  And thanks everyone for the great wishes with our farm purchase!!!


  1. Honey, I am so eggscited for you. ))HUGS((

    And this too, shall pass.

  2. That's great Penny! Everything will work out great!

  3. Great luck with your new job(s).