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Friday, August 14, 2009

Boys and tomatoes


While most of my tomatoes are planted at the farm plot, I did keep a small backyard garden for my sons. Lets them play, pick, learn, and see things growing.

Speaking of picking, my 3 year-old now knows when a tomato is ripe! When he was 1 and 2, he would simply run through the garden picking all the green tomatoes off. Now that responsibility lies in my youngest who does it. No problem! That's why I planted over 150 plants at the farm. Those planted at home are strictly for fun.

My 3 year-old loves tomatoes! He eats them straight from the vine, like apples.

Here he is while recently spotting the garden for ripe tomatoes.

He found one! He pulls...

And pulls.... this is a tough bugger.



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