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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Preserving Zucchini & Summer Squash


Whew! This morning, there were masses of zucchini in the room formerly known as my kitchen. I've just waded my way through the masses and am now zucchini-free! (That is, until later today when I come home from the farm with more...)

How did I get through the piles?

Yes, I did sell some at farmer's market yesterday. Yes, I did pass some off on unsuspecting friends, relatives, and neighbors. (Leave your car doors locked during church or else I will leave a bag of zucchini, or so the jokes go).

But most of it I put up for winter. Did you know you can preserve zucchini? I freeze mine, but I do have a friend who cans it as well.

It's so easy to freeze, especially if you have a food processor. You can whip through pounds of it in less than an hour!

Zucchini &all other summer squashes can be frozen in slices or shreds. The frozen slices can be used all winter in stir fry, casseroles, and my favorite -in soups such as minestrone and Italian Sausage Soup. The shredded zucchini is traditionally used in baked goods such as zucchini bread, muffins, or in the great Zucchini Pizza Crust.

Just shred or chop, using a food processor if you have it, or a knife / cheese grater if you don't. Toss into freezer bags, label, put in freezer and use all winter.




  1. Hi,

    I just found you via Barb's blog. Did you blanch the zucchini first?

  2. I no longer bother blanching the zucchini.
    To be honest, I am probably losing a bit of texture or flavor that could be saved by blanching.
    However, anymore I'd rather take a small bit of flavor loss for the ease of simply chopping in the food processor and freezing.
    I don't plan on eating the zucchini by itself (in which case blanching is probably a good idea).
    I'll simply be using it in soups, casseroles, pizza crust, and possibly some baked goods.