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Monday, April 27, 2009

Crocheted baby pillow

I've been crocheting a lot lately. I'm trying to use up the small balls and skeins of yarn that I have in my stash. So I've been making small blankets, dishcloths, etc.
I had been working on a baby blanket but didn't have quite enough yarn to make it big enough.
So, I turned it into a pillow and stuffed it with fabric scraps from the t-shirt quilt I made last fall.
I gifted it to my son Evan.
He's a comfort-lover. He sucks his thumb, carries around his Care Bear, and his pillow. When he gets upset, he looks for those things. Luckily the thumb is attached. Yesterday he became upset when I wouldn't let him water the tomato plants without my help. He ran off and came back a few minutes later sucking his thumb, hugging his Care Bear, and dragging around the 3-foot-long body pillow I used during my last pregnancy (yes, I did feel guilty about not letting him water the plants). He declared this to be his pillow a few weeks ago. It's crazy to watch - a tiny boy carrying around a pillow bigger than he is. He even wants to bring it to the dinner table with him.
I hope that by bestowing my homemade pillow upon him he will refocus his attachment to this lovely, small pillow. Perfect for carrying around with a Care Bear and a thumb.
Keep your fingers crossed for me.


  1. I thought that looked familiar. I remember you were working on that at our Easter gathering. It looks great! Cherish those moments when Evan snuggles with his favorite things. It might sound silly, but I sometimes miss seeing Ava suck her thumb while holding her blanket to her nose. She still has to have her blanket and smells it all the time, but she did quit sucking her thumb. She just seems older now since she quit. It's sad, yet I'm glad she quit doing it now and is not one of those kids that still needs there thumb in high school.