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Monday, June 6, 2016

Our brewery construction progress - pictures!

Our artisan craft brewery, tasting room, and retail store are coming along nicely!  Here are a few "before" & "during" construction pictures.  We are renovating our farm's barn for the brewery & store.

Stay tuned, our brewery launches this fall!

"Before" picture below, a former owner had a recording studio in this portion of our barn.  It consisted of 4 rooms, carpet all over the walls & floors, glass window dividers, and lots of insulation with the carpeted walls to keep it soundproof for the music recording. It has served as storage for us for the past 5 years, and in February 2016 we began the renovations.

And here, below, is how this area looks as of May.  It will serve as our tasting room & retail store.  It will be completed by this fall.

All of the brewing magic will happen in the main portion of our barn, below.  Here is the space before we began the renovations:

And here is the space as of May, below.

We're so excited for our expansion project, it's been another "wish" for over 6 years now & we're so happy it's finally happening!

Stay tuned, our brewery launches this fall!

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