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Friday, January 29, 2016

We're Expanding! Our Farm Brewery & Name Change!!!

Our Name is Changing!  No longer will we be just "Wishful Acres Farm".....

we're now "Wishful Acres Farm & Brewery"!

It's been almost 6 years of planning, and yes of course more "Wishing", to reach this moment!

My husband Nate has been brewing craft beer for 10 years, both professionally and as a hobbyist.  This is his passion, just as mine is farming.  Our passions are now combining into one grand adventure!  Our organic farm will soon include an artisan craft brewery.  Many of the crops grown here, including our hops, apples, peaches, pumpkins, herbs, and much more, will be used in our artisan craft beers!  To stay updated about our plans, make sure to sign up for our email newsletter here!

The moment has arrived.  In early January, we were approved by the Zoning Appeals board and we were officially approved by the County Board.  Our heartfelt thanks to our local officials for their help & support through this process!

In the meantime, our Federal Brewing License paperwork has been filed, and construction began in February!  We hope to be up and running by early fall.  Here is some info on our upcoming Brewery:

- We'll be Community Supported!  Just as our farm's products are sold through our Community Supported Agriculture program (CSA), our artisan handcrafted beer will be sold through a Community Supported Brewery program (CSB)!  We will offer "shares", which is basically a 1-year membership to our brewery, and in return Brewery members will receive a specified amount of beer.    There will be 3 membership categories to choose from, Gold Membership, Silver Membership, and Bronze Memberships, and each will feature different amounts of beer.  Beer will be provided to members as growler fills here on site.  Members will have first rights & access to all of our beer!    Nate will be brewing new fresh recipes all the time, so there will be something new & fresh on tap for growler fills frequently.  Additionally, members will receive other benefits such as discounts in our store & farm programs, free invitations to member's-only events here on our farm, and more!  (These extra benefits will also be extended to our farm's CSA Members!)

- We'll have an on-site store!  We plan to have a store (in a newly renovated location on our farm) open to the public on Saturdays year-round.  In the store, we plan to sell some of our farm's produce as well as our artisan craft beer (including bottled beer and growler fills).  In addition, the store will serve as a new & improved pick-up site for our farm's CSA Members and our brewery CSB Members.

We'll have an on-site licensed commercial kitchen!  We'll be able to process our farm's organic vegetables, fruits, and herbs into ready-to-eat salads, cut vegetables, frozen vegetables from our gardens, and much more.  These items will be available for purchase in our new on-site retail store.

- We'll be sold in stores!  We will have a limited amount of our bottled artisan craft beer available for sale in stores.

We're really excited about our expansion project!  To stay updated about our plans, make sure to sign up for our email newsletter here!

We hope to see you soon!  Best Wishes from Wishful Acres Farm & Brewery.

A sneak peek at one of our beer label designs!

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