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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Garden vegetable plants now available!

Our plants are organically-grown, using OMRI-approved organic potting soil & no chemicals whatsoever.

They are $2 each & can be ordered by emailing Penny at or call 815-990-2389 (leave a message).

Here is this year's list!


- "Red Pear": heirloom variety red cherry tomato that is shaped like a pear

- "Yellow Pear": same as above, but yellow

- "white cherry": heirloom variety pale yellow cherry tomato, very sweet

- "chocolate cherry": heirloom variety dark brown cherry tomato, excellent flavor

- "Red Stuffer": heirloom variety, very unique. Tomatoes are shaped like a bell pepper & are hollow inside.

- "Yellow Stuffer": same as above, but yellow.

- "Green Zebra": heirloom variety, small size, Green striped tomato. Very unique! You can tell it's ready to pick when yellow appears in the stripes.

- "Keloggs Breakfast": heirloom variety introduced by a man named Dr Kellogg, who I think had nothing to do with the cereal company! This is one of our favorites: large, orange, juicy, and super sweet

- "Peach": heirloom, super sweet & juicy, smallish sized tomatoes that are light orange & slightly fuzzy. Delicious & sweet

- "Roma": the Roma small oval shaped tomatoes you're all familiar with

- "Celebrity": red tomato, medium sized

- "Moonglow": heirloom, another of our favorites, small to medium sized tomatoes, orange, sweet & juicy

- "Early Girl": small red tomato, early producer


- "Ace": sweet bell pepper, ripens from green to red if you wait and don't pick when green!

- " Purple Beauty": dark purple bell pepper, heirloom variety.

- "Jalapeño": hot pepper


- "Vittorio" variety, slightly smaller sized eggplant, which means it's quicker to grow!

Please email orders to Penny at Will continue selling until they are sold out.

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