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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Baby Micro-Greens now growing here at the farm!

New ideas are sprouting here at Wishful Acres Farm!

I'm deep into a new project, which is currently in the trial & testing phases.  In our farm's greenhouse room, it looks & feels like spring!  Rows upon rows of organically-grown, baby micro-greens and wheatgrass are growing away, oblivious to the below-zero temperatures outside.  Oh, yes, and the foot of the snow currently on the ground.

Wheatgrass is typically used for juicing, to make Wheatgrass Juice.  Also known as "liquid sunshine", wheatgrass juice is extremely healthful (several of my research sources claim that 1 oz of Wheatgrass Juice is the equivalent of eating 3 pounds of fresh vegetables).  I encourage you to read more about Wheatgrass juice.  A simple Google search will yield many results.  As I don't juice anything, I was able to use the wheatgrass in a fruit smoothie!

 (Wheatgrass pictured above)

In addition to the wheatgrass, I'm growing several types of baby micro-greens.  These are typically eaten as as salads, on sandwiches, or even lightly cooked.  The nutrition packed into these micro-greens is HUGE!  The taste is delicious!  This far, I've created salads & sandwiches with them here at the farm.

 (One variety of baby micro-green)

Did I mention that all of these greens are being grown organically?  I start with Certified Organic seeds, and plant into Organic-approved greenhouse planting soil.  Our farm's natural well water is the only item added.  No chemicals, no pesticides, no insecticides... Nothing but nature.

 (Another variety of the sweet & tender baby micro-greens currently growing here at the farm.)

As I continue with the growing trials, I will begin offering the wheatgrass & baby micro-greens for sale.  Contact me to learn more: .

 (Yet another variety of baby micro-green growing now here at our farm.  As these grow larger & their leaves open, the black seed pod you see at the top will fall off.)

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