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Friday, December 28, 2012

'Twas a sick Christmas all through the house

Hope you all had a good Christmas!

At the farm, we've been fighting one virus after another for the past... oh, 4 weeks or so.  2 separate cold viruses swept through in the few weeks after Thanksgiving, one of my sons is still coughing from that one.  Sore throats, stuffed ears & noses, coughs, you name it.  I was laid up for about a week with one, which I HATE because I'm not one to lay around & I get rather upset when it happens.

Then, a few days before Christmas, a stomach bug nabbed my oldest.  Yep, vomiting was involved, but it lasted less than a day.  Christmas Eve, on the way home from my parents' house, my middle son emptied his stomach while riding home (thank goodness he gave me advance notice that his stomach hurt & I got a plastic grocery bag to him in time... well, mostly in time).  My husband was afflicted with it on Christmas Day.  So, instead of praying in a church, most of my family spent Christmas praying to the porcelain god (in case you haven't heard that one before, so I don't offend anyone, it just means on your knees in front of the toilet).

Also on Christmas Day, my oldest, who has an ear that just doesn't drain properly (we and his doctor are really hoping he outgrows this soon, he's 9), finally succumbed to his plugged & ringing ear of 3 weeks.... despite my natural attempts at getting it to drain... and came down with severe pain & fever.  Ear infection.  Luckily, I had him at the doctor a few weeks before, when his ear became plugged yet again, and so it only took a phone call to get a prescription sent to the pharmacy. 

Egads.... that's been our Christmas season.

Hope yours has been better!


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