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Monday, March 12, 2012

Who wants natural chicken meat? Calling all customers!

I recently sent an email out to our email newsletter subscribers asking about meat chickens.  I know there are more of you out there who live nearby the Freeport, Illinois area who may also be interested.  We're raising meat chickens this year and I'm taking an informal survey to chart the interest as I prepare to order the chicks, feed, fencing, etc.

The chickens will be raised with access to the outdoors (free-range), never fed antibiotics or other medications, never caged, and treated humanely.  This will produce the most delicious, healthiest meat.  We'll be raising the chickens in several flocks over the summer & hope to have chicken meat available by early July.

The chickens will be sold whole and frozen.  They will probably weigh between 3-5 pounds and will cost $3.99 per pound.  After eating the meat, this free-range chicken carcass (bones and skin) can be boiled in a huge pot of water to make the healthiest chicken broth available.  The bright yellow fat from this healthy chicken broth can even be skimmed off the surface of the cooled broth & used to saute your veggies in (among other uses).  In other words, if you use it like this you'll get several meals out of one chicken!

Let me know if you're interested, I'm trying to gauge the interest so I know how many day-old chicks to order, how much feed, how big of a coop and fencing we'll need, etc.

Also, please pass along the info to others who live nearby if you think they'll be interested.

Thanks much!

Wishful Acres Farm

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  1. Hi,
    I have a question which isn't realy relevant but I thought that you might help me (it's for a uni project).

    I'm looking for a turkey meat producer company that does'nt hold it's own farms(integration) but purchase the turkey from different farms.
    Are you familiar with a company like that in the US, Canada or europe?
    I would really appretiate your help,