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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Our Hens & Their Brown Eggs

Our hens lay beautiful brown eggs.  They are really big, more along the extra-large or jumbo sized.  As you can see in the large-sized egg carton below, many don't really fit well into the slots because they're so big.  The yolks have become a beautiful, healthy orange and are full of rich flavor.  Like a pastured, well-treated hen egg should taste.  (It isn't even comparable to a supermarket egg.)  Our eggs are available for purchase at the Freeport Farmers Market (Saturday mornings), the Rockford City Market (Friday afternoons), as well as free weekly delivery to the Freeport area.  If you are interested in purchasing our eggs, email me at   Hey, did you catch that bit above, about the Rockford farmers market?  I'll be making an announcement soon...

Here they are outside in their chicken run.  It's a large fenced in area behind the coop.  They have access to this area all day long through a small door in the back of their coop.  I was debating letting them free range but decided against it.  Unfortunately, they would tear up our gardens, eat all the growing plants and vegetables, and dig up the seeds I plant.  Can't blame them, that's their way of life, but I have to protect my crops.  I also have to protect the hens from our dog, little boys, and predators.

The hens love it when we share fresh farm greens!

Our puppy is growing fast!  Luckily, we got him young enough to train him to protect the hens (I hope).  We do have a few black-feathered hens, and one of them flies over the fence and free ranges a lot.  Our dog chases her (a lot) and has even caught her (but luckily not harmed her).  It is fun to watch the action here at Wishful Acres Farm, thanks for visiting!

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