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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Kitten who thought it was a Chick

This kitten is the newest addition to our flock of farm animals.  I put her in the baby chick room for safekeeping, where it's warm and safe, and we could take her out occasionally to play.  After a lonely day or two, she figured out how to get into the baby chick brooder area.  Now she is in here all the time, hanging out with the chicks - drinking from their waterer, eating from their feeders, in general acting like she is one of them.

Do you think it's a case of mistaken identity?   I'm calling this one "The case of the kitten who thought it was a chick". 

Thanks for visiting the Wishful Acres Farm blog, where the hens are forgetting how to lay eggs, some seeds are forgetting to sprout, the boys believe they are wild animals, and the kittens think they are chicks!

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