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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Guest Writer: Sustainability and Self Sufficiency

I was contacted recently by a reader who wished to submit a guest article.  I'm pleased to introduce Ryan, and here is his article:

Sustainability and Self Sufficiency: The long term benefits

With the trend in going green and improving sustainability worldwide throughout the past decade
or so, becoming self sustainable and sufficient is a choice that many are choosing to make strides
towards these days. Even without making the choice to become fully sustainable at once, making a
few adjustments in life and using some sustainable methods such as growing your own produce can be
extremely helpful in the long run.

At the core of the self sufficiency lifestyle is the thought that possessions alone can’t really make us
happy. Once we get away from the need to buy the next big thing or new product, we allow ourselves
to be content with living more simply. Once we are able to live simpler throughout the pillars of our
lives, there will be multiple benefits to be had. Whether it is through the positives of growing your own
produce, or simply living a healthier life both physically and mentally, living self sufficiently can provide
endless benefits.

You may wonder, how exactly will living a more simple life allow for improved mental health? Living a
sustainable and self sufficient life is about minimizing in all areas of life. That includes reducing stress
that is really not important in the long run. Every day, it seems we are a product of our surroundings.
In too many situations we allow other factors to determine the way we feel. A part of becoming self
sufficient is working to remove this feeling. With lowering the levels of stress that consume people,
involving work to rent to bills, the effect can be great.

The benefits of growing your own produce can be extraordinary, even without totally converting to
your own fruits and vegetables right away. The health benefits of growing your own food often go
unnoticed. By growing your food at home, you take away any chance of chemicals getting in the food.
Some common problems which have plagued the food industry in the past include pesticide, asbestos
exposure, Bisphenol A, and melamine cases. Aside from controlling possible chemicals in your foods,
you can also benefit from fresh and tastier food at home. Growing your own produce allows you the
opportunity to take out the time that is wasted between sending produce to the grocery store and
getting into your home. With produce in your own yard, you control when you eat your food, allowing
for more fresh consumption.

A self sufficient lifestyle simply provides an opportunity to improve the overall quality of life. Anxiety
and stress often drop, while attention to detail usually increases, as well as a knack for better budgeting
in the process. The best thing about this type of lifestyle is that there’s no definite way to do things. A
lifestyle can be personalized to fit any situation and whatever the situation may be, there are numerous
benefits to living self sufficiently.

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