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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hallelujah! The hens are laying again. Breakfast skillet recipe!

Thank heavens!  The hens are laying again, albeit slowly and not yet even at half production, but it's a start!

I made some eggs today, and I noticed how nicely their yolks are turning darker yellow & orange now that they are living in the great conditions here at the farm.  (And just think, they came from a Certified Organic chicken farm, and now they're even healthier!).  Darker yolks=healthier eggs.

They're being fed a great diet of garden scraps (tons of greens), kitchen scraps, and supplemented with an all-natural chicken feed that I special ordered.  This great diet, combined with pastured conditions (having access to outdoors all day long) is leading to the best-tasting, best-looking eggs I've ever had.  Orange yolks, firm whites.  This is the way food should be!

I made a skillet the other day, complete with homemade hash browns (it's easier than you think!).  Here's the recipe, posted on my blog a couple of years ago:

Enjoy!  Thanks for visiting the Wishful Acres Farm blog!

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