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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Breakfast Skillet Recipe

Who doesn't love the skillets served at restaurants?!!
But let's be honest, eating out is expensive. Plus when you make the food at home you can control what good, wholesome ingredients go into it!
Let's make a breakfast skillet, shall we?

The secret to homemade hash browns from scratch is to use baked potatoes. Here's a tip: the next time you're baking something at around 350 degrees, toss a few potatoes on a cookie sheet and let them sit in there as well for about an hour. Don't forget to wash & prick them with a fork first. I've heard potatoes can blow up if not pricked before cooking... let's not find out if it's true! After you've cooked the potatoes just stash them in the fridge. You can use them anytime, microwave a baked potato, dice one up for this or that, whatever!

But this time, we're going to use those potatoes for homemade hash browns. Pull them out of the fridge whenever you're ready to use them (they'll keep for a long time, probably a week or two at least after baking). Then grab a cheese grater and have the kids help you grate them. As you grate, most of the skins will just fall off in one piece. Toss the skins in the compost bin or (cringe) garbage.

Next, get some oil hot in your pan. I prefer cast iron, but any kind will work. When the oil is hot, toss in your potatoes. Every now and then, flip them around. Since they're already cooked (when you baked them), they won't take long to brown a bit. Maybe a few minutes. Salt & Pepper them and put them aside on a plate. Grate some cheese on them while they're still hot so it will melt.

You can use the same pan to cook your eggs. However you prefer them in your skillet. We recently had access to some free-range turkey eggs! Aren't they beautiful?!

Of course, if you want some meat you can do that as well.

I love vegetables, so this time I sauteed some onion, garlic, green pepper, and mushrooms. I put them on a separate plate, of course, so the kids wouldn't have to pick it out or puke on the skillet from looking at them / smelling them / having them get too close! :-)

That's it. So easy. A frugal, healthful, simple recipe.


  1. Mmm, that sounds fantastic! I never make baked potatoes, but next time I'm cooking something else, I'll follow your advice and stick some in the oven too. Great idea!

    (I agree with you on the cast iron skillets. They're indestructible, which is a necessity for my family, lol!)

  2. That looks good! I'm going to take your advice with the potatoes too!