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Monday, November 15, 2010

Working weekends, weekday life

I started working full-time weekends last weekend at a nearby catalog company, about 25 miles away in nearby wonderful WISCONSIN (love love love Wisconsin - I live on the Illinois side of the border :-).  I'm answering phones, taking catalog orders, computer work - that kind of thing.  It's actually a nice way to earn some extra money during the off-season from farming!  I've been told farmers helped build this company up into what it is - the factory also hires tons of seasonal employees - a nice way for farmers to earn extra income in November & December.

So, weekends have been rather crazy around here, my husband has watching our 3 sons.  We had an open house here in our home yesterday so daddy & the boys all spent the morning at church & the afternoon at grandma & grandpa's. 

Back to "weekday" duties today!  Just over 2 weeks and we'll have the keys to our new farm in hand!  With the 2 mortgages we'll have for awhile, we'll need the extra padding in our savings account!  My husband's company is thankfully working overtime now as well.  Isn't it funny the way things work out when needed?  So he is working 10.5 hour days, with his commute he's gone over 12 hours so it's a good thing my job is weekends-only.  I feel so blessed right now!

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  1. Hi Penny,

    Great news on the extra income and work!

  2. Awe Honey, I am so proud of your family. :O)

  3. Hi Penny,
    So glad everything is working out. Have a great Thanksgiving!