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Friday, September 3, 2010

Local eggs - the how & why

If you're reading this blog, there is a chance you already raise your own hens for eggs or buy your eggs from a local farmer.  But many of you may not.  If not, this is for you.

Have you tasted a farm-fresh, free-range egg?  It's one of the best things you'll taste.  The yolk is bright, in many cases almost orange, and the white is not runny.  The taste is far superior; richer.  In short, they're very different from the cages, factory-farmed eggs sold dirt cheap in the stores.  The same sort of eggs that have been recalled.

A local farmer I know raises healthy chickens for egg production (in addition to grass-fed beef), and she had a great article on her blog today about how the contamination occurred in the factory-farmed eggs, and how small farm egg production differs.

If you'd like to learn, here is a link to her article:

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  1. Hi Penny,

    So this morning I'm reading my friend Barb's blog (the big red barn) and I click to comment about her storm and I see a comment from Penny and I think... I wonder, could this be the Penny that I met at the mulch field day? I overheard you say that you had a blog. And sure enough - it is you! Hi!