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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Apron from circle skirt pattern

As the garden slows down and fall approaches, I inevitably turn indoors and back to sewing, cooking, & crafting.  I began work on this apron last spring, let it sit all summer as I worked in the farm garden, and just recently pulled it out to finish it.

If you're thinking that it looks like a skirt - you're not too far off.  I purchased one of those ready-made pattern fabrics (other sewing enthusiasts probably know exactly what I'm talking about here) - it's a big piece of fabric with the pattern printed on it.  You simply cut out the pieces, following the directions printed directly on the fabric, and sew as directed.  I did change it up a bit, and used a different fabric from my stash for the waistband & apron ties - it was originally just plain brown, but I thought the pink waistband would add a nice touch.  Here's what is left of the pattern after I cut out the pieces.  Now you probably have an idea of what I mean when I say ready-made pattern.  Easy!

I decided this skirt would make a pretty apron - I love the chocolate brown & pink color combination.  Since this is a skirt pattern, I simply cut the skirt portion in 2, to make two half-aprons.

I really like the fullness of the skirt, it's like a flamenco dancer or something, with lots of fabric.

The person who ends up owning this apron can dance around the kitchen while cooking!  Just make sure the windows are covered first...

Another apron finished!  That makes for a good day.

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