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Monday, February 22, 2010

Making Beef Stock for soup

Making homemade stock is incredibly easy!  Sometimes known as broth, stock is used as the base for most soups.  If you don't already make your own stock, I'll show you how.

Stock or broth is typically made from meat: chicken stock or beef stock.  (I'll talk about vegetable stock later)

I recently made a batch of beef stock.  I started with a beef soup bone from the last quarter cow we purchased locally.  You don't need a soup bone to make stock.  You can use your leftover bones from roast, steak, etc.  It is beneficial if there is still a bit of meat on the bones - gives the stock more flavor.


When I make stock, I do it very simply.  I put the soup bone into a stock pot full of water.


I quartered one onion and tossed it in, and brought it to a boil.   Then I let it simmer on low for a few hours.  That's it!  


I let it cool for a few hours, removed the bones and onion, then poured the stock into gallon-sized freezer bags.  I can simply pull out a bag and let it thaw when I want to make a batch of soup.

I don't season my stock when I make it, instead I leave it bland and season it when it gets cooked into soup.

If you want to make chicken stock / broth, follow the same directions but use chicken bones instead.  For vegetable stock, use the stems, ends, and peels of vegetables such as onions, carrots, celery, potatoes, and more.

Now you can use your beef stock to make a batch of delicious Italian Tortellini Soup!  (the recipe will be posted here on my blog in a couple of days, so be sure to check back!)  


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  1. I've had a turkey carcass sitting in my freezer, and I am going to go make stock RIGHT NOW. Thanks for reminding me. :)