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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Homeschool bound

We officially began homeschooling our oldest sons (ages 4 and 6) this week.

Our preschooler has been miserable for months, crying every morning and not wanting to attend preschool.  I think the 5 mornings a week format was too much for him.

As for our first grader, he is hyperactive and impulsive (read: ADHD) and was having so much trouble sitting still, keeping his hands to himself, and fighting his urges to grab, play, & wrestle with other boys in the hallways and lines.  Read: trouble being a very active boy in school, where that is not tolerated.  After a few detentions and even a suspension, the principal was suggesting medication (read: Brain drugs like Ritalin).  It just wasn't the best situation for him to be in, and we will not medicate our outgoing, friendly, sociable, active 6-year old. 

Another plus for our family to homeschool is my husband's work schedule.  Have I mentioned that he works 2nd shift?  That means he is gone from 3 pm until about 1:30 am (with his commute).  And he sleeps until 8 am or so.  This means when the kids are in school they don't see their father until the weekend.  During the school week, I was single-parenting.  I was growing very resentful, as you can imagine. 

Homeschooling definitely fits our family situation much better, and so far everyone seems much happier.  That's so important, after all.  Everyon'e happiness.


  1. Congrats! I'm sure we'll be heading down that path soon enough lol :)

  2. I hope you really enjoy your homeschool journey, I love homeschooling our kids! I homeschooled for 5 years than switched over to the unschooling methods and really enjoy being part of the learning process. When I first started my hubby worked second shift too but he also worked the weekends so the kids NEVER would of seen him if they would of gone to public school!
    Have fun and congrats on your new journey!

  3. Hello, I wanted to give you 4 encouraging words: YOU CAN DO IT! :) My son is also bouncy, he can concentrate, but is very outgoing, social, talkative, etc. (read: Spirited a-k-a hyperactive) I pulled him out of school once the pricipal talked of suspending him and for once even mentioning the word "medication". Good luck with homeschooling, It truly is a blast once you get your rhythm down.