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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wishful Acres Organic Garden Seed Packets!

I'm selling, on a limited basis, two varieties of organic garden seed produced at Wishful Acres Organic Garden.  They are available in my Etsy store, pennyscreations.

These packets contain seed grown in my garden at the farm.

I am offering 2 varieties of corn, neither is a sweet-eating type.

The first variety is an Indian dent corn.

This corn is called "Oaxacan Green Dent", passed down through generations of Oaxacan Indians.  It grew so well in my garden last year!  It is highly ornamental, a variety of green kernels.  This corn may be used as Indian Corn for decoration, or it may be ground to use as cornmeal in recipes.  The stalks on this corn are very tall, reaching 7 feet, and they are extremely sturdy.  They were traditionally used by Native Americans in the "3 Sisters" method of planting, with the pole beans climbing up the stalk and the squash scrambling at the bottom.  I did use this variety as a pole for my lima beans last year, and the corn stalks were as sturdy as a stake.  Each packet contains at least 50 seeds.  Organic.  $1.75 per packet.

The second variety offered is a Broom Corn.


Broom Corn is a highly ornamental member of the sorghum family.  This variety is a mixed-colors packet, so it includes the brooms in red, orange, purple/black, cream, and more.  This corn grew to over 10 feet tall in my garden last year!  The broom corn is very attractive on the stalk for your fall displays or cut off the stalk and used in dried arrangements.  Each packet contains at least 150 seeds.  Organic.  $1.75 per packet.

There is additional information on each variety available in my Etsy store.  Email me at if you have additional questions.

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  1. Ooo, my daughter and I were looking at the Oaxacan corn in a seed catalog this afternoon when we were both home sick. Hmmmm...

  2. I'm appreciate your writing skill.Please keep on working hard.^^