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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kicking the microwave habit

I have a confession to make...

we have no microwave.

Yep, none.  We did have one.  Last summer, the paint began to wear off on the inside bottom.  I didn't know how safe it was to use anymore.  So we got rid of it  - gave it away to someone not afraid :-).

We thought about getting a new one.  But I had become appalled at how often I was microwaving leftovers in plastic containers.  Microwave-safe containers, yes, but the more I read about microwaving plastic.....and microwaving foods in general....the more I wonder about the safety of it.

So we didn't replace it.

That was months ago!

Yes, it is possible to live in 2010 with no microwave.  And you know what?

I have rediscovered the superiorness (yes, it's a word, I think) of the oven for everything.  Yep, even for heating leftovers.  It's just better food all-around.  And you can put everyone's plates into the oven, heat it all at once (no more switching plate after plate from the microwave!) for 10 minutes at 350 degrees, and it's all done.  And I don't have to worry about the safety of  the food.  And it tastes better.

We've kicked the microwave habit, maybe for good (or maybe just until we're in our 90s and too old & grouchy to be bothered to turn on the oven, and too old to care about the dangers of microwaved foods).

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  1. We got rid of our macrowave oven several years ago after finding out that it pretty much destroys your food and changes the molecular structure of the food. A toaster oven now sits in its place and works wonderful for warming up small amounts of food. It may take another few minutes, but it's worth it.
    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Lovin it for you and your family! Microwaves are scary! One of the many things we have given up. My family members keep asking how Amish life is treating us, LOL! I love it, its such a simpler way to live and reconnect. Its wild how many things can become a distraction in our lives.

  3. We threw out our microwave over 2 years ago.