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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Amazing long-keeping vegetables

This cabbage was picked from the farm garden almost 4 months ago and lost in the depths of the refrigerator.  I made it into coleslaw in December.

Love it.

Cabbage is among many vegetables that can be stored for a period of time.  As long as it's kept in the right conditions (cabbage is fine in the fridge), you can hang on to it for months.  The outer leaves may get a bit ugly looking, so just pull those off and toss them in your compost pile.

Among other amazing storage veggies are winter squash (my fave), root vegetables such as potatoes, onions, carrots, garlic, etc.  We keep these in a colder, unfinished room in our basement.  Traditionally they were stored in a root cellar.

No need to can or freeze any of these.  

Yep, you can eat fresh food from the garden in winter!

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  1. Dear Penny, Just happened upon your site! I was the first commercial organic grower in my area back in the early 1980's but quit. Now Im interested again just to try and survive plus make use of my land and I think you could be a great resource for a grow-again-wannabe like me.
    Im thinking tomatoes are the way to go for the largest cash crop. What are the best varieties?
    Are hot peppers worth a go?? What else are good cash crops?? Please respond if you can help! Mick

  2. Hi Mick,
    I'd be happy to give you my opinions, but to contact you directly I'll need your email address.
    That said, I can answer everyone here that a vegetable farmer's top cash crops tend to be lettuce & tomatoes.
    Most people still want the traditional red tomato, but more people (especially foodies or cooks) are trying the heirlooms and are open to yellow, orange, black, and more.