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Sunday, November 22, 2009

A big container of Duh!

Duh!  That's what I said to myself last night.

I was explaining to my mom why she couldn't bring cranberries (or the gelatinous goo in the can)  to our Thanksgiving feast.  She was actually really excited when I told her about our area-only local foods meal.

When I told her I'd have to make butter to use in the pie crust, she eyed me over a few times and asked "Why would you use butter in a pie crust?"  "Well, I explained, already growing frustrated....  Well, it has to be local and I'm not going to use Crisco".  "Of course not", said the woman who grew up on area farms as a child.  "You go to the local meat shop, where you get your local meat, and buy lard there".  DUH!  I had seriously underestimated my mom.

Of course, I couldn't go to my normal meat shop because it's in Lena, which is about 10 miles away.  But don't despair, we live in the greatest agricultural region in this country.  There is another local meat butcher/supplier within our Freeport-area community. 

I called, and the next day I had in my hands a beautiful white container of.....


4 pounds of the stuff, locally produced, from locally raised animals.

Just like our grandparents would have made a pie.... and some would argue it's still the best way to make a pie crust.

Hey, my heart can take the lard for one day!  How often do we eat pie, anyway?  It's a special treat.

(Speaking of which, wouldn't it be considered "all-natural"?  Hmmmm?)   :-)

My quest continues.....


  1. I always figure, everything in moderation. That's one reason we use real butter, not margarine in our house. I don't use that much, that often, so when I have it, I want the REAL thing. But, I'll confess, I've never used lard. Maybe I'll have to give it a try.
    Oh, and I like the farm flyer. J

  2. I was telling my mom about this and she thinks you should stick with the butter when doing the pie crust. She thinks the lard will taste old or 'heavy'. Just our 2 cents!

  3. Only problem is I have to make the butter. It's a serious pain in the rump.
    Plus, the farm where I can get organic raw milk to make the butter only has Holstein cows. There is hardly any cream from them.
    We used to get Jersey raw milk from a farm near Pecatonica, that milk had tons of cream. But I'm trying to stay within Freeport.
    The crust is going to be really heavy anyway, because I'm using whole wheat flour. It'll have to be alright.
    Unless you want to drive up here & make me some butter? Come on! You're a farmgirl now! :-)