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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Gorgeous Indian Corn

I grew a variety of Indian Corn this year called "Oaxacan Green Dent".  I specifically chose this variety as a "pole" for my lima beans.  The stalks are notoriously sturdy and the corn plants grow about 8 feet tall.  I wasn't much concerned about the corn itself, but I changed my mind once they matured.

I think they're really pretty.  I especially like the ears that came out with lots of purple and turquoise kernels and less yellow (on the right in the picture).

It sold well at my farm stand (I had a farm stand set up in my front yard for a few days. On day 2, someone stole the change box in broad daylight while we were at church.  It was a large tupperware box - they just walked off with the entire box!  *sigh* - what can I say here? Anyway...).

I was charging 50 cents per ear.  One of my friends said she saw a very similar variety being sold at Wal-Mart for $3 an ear.  Guess I'll need to charge more next year.

I've learned this year that people will pay more (much more) for the fall decorations than they will for the food itself!  So next year I'll add more gourds, tiny pumpkins, and Indian Corn.

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