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Monday, May 11, 2009

Tilling more space!

Well, I started tilling more space at the farm.
There was an answer to my prayers when I arrived yesterday. As is to be expected, a few of the tomato plants had died. *Aha*! I'll need to keep some set aside to replace those that don't make it over the first couple of weeks.
Alas, or I suppose this is actually good, lol.... none of the pepper plants died.
I've decided to plant everything. Yes, hundreds of tomato and pepper plants are being put into the ground this week.
What's wrong with a plentiful harvest?
I'm trying to keep a positive attitute.....
Hopefully I won't be on my knees crying come August.

I'll explain.
This is our backyard garden in 2008. It's located under a huge oak tree. This is a no-no for gardening, as things don't grow well near trees. It was our only possible location.
See how nicely everything grew, even with the tree?

Our farm plot is located in soil that has been farmed organically by the same family since the 1830's. Can you even imagine how fertile the soil is?

Our backyard garden in the picture measures about 20x15 feet or so.

Our farm plot is probably about 1/4 acre, which computes to about 104 x 104 feet, and I'm currently tilling more space to enlarge it.

Now perhaps you can understand while I may be crying on my knees come August harvest time.

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  1. We'll just call you farmer Penny from now on! I'm glad you'll plant them all. I have high hopes that you'll sell them and make some money for your hard work. Good for you! I would like to see your farm plot sometime too. ;-)