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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Shame on me!

We are still required to clean Tristan's wounds twice a day.
It's extremely painful for him.
We give him pain meds beforehand to help ease the pain.
Well, this morning we forgot to give him the pain medication prior.
I remembered just as we got started, but told myself that perhaps since it's been a week since the accident it wouldn't hurt as much.
He was in agony.
We gave him the meds after cleaning. This gave it about 30 minutes to kick in before we put new burn cream and bandages on. We just recently learned that the burn cream is painful, so at least he was somewhat medicated for this.
The doctor now has us leaving his wounds open to the air for up to 30 minutes at each cleaning to help dry them out. They're still very moist on his palms.
This is a trying process, because we can't let his hands touch anything for those 30 minutes. We take turns holding his arms while the other hugs and comforts him. We walk him around the house in circles. We feed him sweets. :-).
Anything to take his mind off this process.
He is slowly healing. Of course, it helps when mommy and daddy don't forget the pain medication.
Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers!

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  1. I just thought of something; would you like to borrow my sling to hold him in? Would it help at all?