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Thursday, February 12, 2009


I've discovered that you can grow things from seed even when it's -20 degrees F outside!
I decided to grow some sprouts. They're great on sandwiches and salads.
I had some lentils, tossed them in a mason jar, but a piece of lace fabric over the top and screwed on a lid.
Soaked the seeds in water for 8 hours then drained the water off.
Just let them sit on the counter and once or twice a day I rinsed and drained them in the jar.
After a few days, they looked like this:
Then after a few more days they looked like this and were ready to eat:
Unfortunately, I quickly discovered that I am the only person in the house who enjoys sprouts! They were awesome on a turkey sandwich. Yummmm..
Perhaps I will order some sprouting seeds from a seed catalog. I've read that they all taste different depending on the variety. Maybe hubby will like a different type.

Update, December 2009: I did buy some sprouting salad seeds. It's a mix of alfalfa, radish, and broccoli seeds.  All sprouts are "grown" the same way, so no matter what type of seed you're using you can follow the steps above.  My family did enjoy the "salad" mix of sprouts better than the lentil seed sprouts.


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