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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Berry Ale fruit beer & Food Truck at Wishful Acres Farm & Brewery!

Berry Ale is BACK!  This Fruit Beer features a blend of 3 fruits: raspberry, strawberry, and blueberry.  Pink in color, slightly sweet in flavor, and all-around delicious!  On Tap starting this weekend, while supplies last (should be around for at least a few weeks, we hope)!

Don't miss the Grill Out this Sunday!  The food truck will be here from 1-5, menu below!

Wishful Acres Farm & Brewery - taproom open Fridays 4-9, Saturdays 1-8, Sundays 1-5.  

Tap Room Bar at our Brewery
In our Tap Room this weekend, open Fridays 4-9 pm, Saturdays 1-8 pm, and Sundays 1-5 pm, we will be pouring fresh from our taps:
  • Berry Ale - fruit beer
  • Coffee Habit - stout
  • Dubbel Dribble - Belgian Dubbel style ale
  • Goin' Camping Stout - brewed with graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate
  • Galahad - English brown ale
  • Howdy Hops IPA - citrus IPA
  • Double IPA - high ABV, hoppy!
  • Overcast - Hefezeizen German-style
  • Peach Mango Ale - fruit beer
  • Honey Wheat - mild & easy drinking!
  • Homemade Root Beer (non-alcoholic)
In addition to fresh beer by the glass, we also have growler fills available for carry-out!  
Burgers, Brats, and Beer!

Join us this Sunday, August 25 from 1-5 pm for a Food Truck Grill Out!  The food truck will be grilling Burgers, Beer Brats, and hand-cut Pork Chop tenderloin sandwiches, which they'll serve with Mrs. Mike's chips.  They'll also be frying up some Wisconsin Cheese Curds!  
Honey now available for purchase!
Beekeeper Tim has harvested the first load of honey from the beehives he keeps here at Wishful Acres!  He has this first batch of raw honey bottled & available for sale here in our taproom.  Stop by soon for yours!
Upcoming Events at Wishful Acres Farm & Brewery!
  • August 23-25 - Berry Ale fruit beer release
  • August 25, 1-5 pm Food Truck, Benchwarmers (Grill Out & Fried Cheese Curds)
  • September 7, Screw City Brewfest, Rockford IL (visit our booth at the brewfest; our taproom will also still be open as usual here at the brewery!)
  • September 14, Pretzel City Brewfest, Freeport, IL (visit our booth at the brewfest; our taproom will also still be open as usual here at the brewery!)
  • September 29, 1-5 pm (Sunday), Oktoberfest at Wishful Acres! - We'll have a food truck featuring some German-inspired foods, our radio will be tuned to Oktoberfest music, plus our Oktoberfest beer will be on tap!
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Member News

Farm Members, It's peak tomato time!  We'll keep your tomatoes out of refrigeration, separate from the rest of your veggie share, because tomatoes should not be refrigerated for best tastte..... however...  Please try to pick up your share as soon as possible during the weekend while it's tomato time.  We pick the tomatoes super-ripe, and they'll continue to ripen as they sit and wait for you on Friday... Saturday... Sunday... which means they're getting over-ripe & we're inviting fruit flies into the brewery (no!).  As a result, all shares not picked up by the end of the day on Friday, the tomatoes will also go into refrigeration with the rest of your share as they wait for you.  Thanks for understanding!  :)  

In this week's share:
  • Tomatoes - The regular-sized slicing tomatoes are reaching peak harvest!  In your shares will be mostly red slicing tomatoes, but there will also be a few yellow, orange, or purple tomatoes as well (varieties: Moonglow, Wapsinicon Peach, Early Girl, Celebrity, Japanese Black Trifele)
  • Cherry Tomatoes - A bag of mixed varieties of cherry tomatoes.  You'll see orange (SunGold), pastel yellow (White Cherry), and purple (Chocolate Cherry).
  • Garlic - Store garlic on your kitchen counter.  It will stay "fresh" for many weeks!
  • Green Beans - Over a pound of green beans in each of your shares.  Picked fresh, they are crunchy & delicious.
  • Hot Peppers - a bag featuring 2 types: chili (mild/medium) and jalapeno (hot).  Great raw, grilled, etc
  • Sweet Peppers - You'll each receive several sweet peppers - both green and yellow!  Super fresh & crunchy.  Great raw or cooked.
  • Cucumbers - several in each of your shares! Fresh, crunchy, and thin-skinned.  Awesome!  Cucumbers are delicious - sliced onto salads, sandwiches, or in a salad all their own... such as my favorite - a vinegar & sour cream sauce cucumber salad!
  • Zucchini / Summer Squash -  The summer squash harvest is slowing down, you'll see a much smaller bag this week.
  • Basil - YUM! There is nothing like fresh basil.  So delicious used fresh & raw on sandwiches, salads, pizza, pesto, you name it!
  • Kale - Super delicious chopped finely on a raw salad, or lightly sauteed. Have you tried kale chips or kale soup?
  • Swiss Chard - super healthy leafy green!  Chop thinly for eating raw on salads, or lightly saute.
  • Optional - u-Pick Apples to those CSA Members who would like some!  This is our only fruit crop that survived to harvest this year.  All the rest did not make it through the super-cold spring, late-April heavy snow, and heavy rains (no mulberries, no black raspberries, no peaches this year).  We do have some apples, but it looks like maybe only 25% or less than the normal amount. Want some? Pick away, just ask us for a bag while you're picking up your share, and we'll point you on your way!
  • Optional - Extra cucumbers available for those who want them! Let us know, and we'll include an extra bag of several cukes in your share.
Our recipe database contains cooking ideas for all the vegetables we grow - link here.
Our CSA Program (Community Supported Agriculture) is a membership program in which members become "shareholders" in the farm's seasonal vegetable production & receive a "share" of the farm's organic  produce for our full 22-week-long season! To learn more:  .  
Where to Buy our Beer:

Our beer is available for purchase at the following locations:
  • Our Taproom!  Wishful Acres Farm & Brewery, located between Freeport & Lena - Visiting Info
  • Benchwarmers, Freeport, IL
  • Best Dam Bar, Lake Summerset, Durand, IL
  • Booties, Pecatonica, IL
  • Cedar Inn, Cedarville, IL
  • Eilerts, Freeport, IL
  • Logan's Bar & Grill, Freeport, IL
  • Mulligans, Lena, IL 
  • Park Hills Golf Course, Freeport, IL
  • Pub 219, Freeport, IL
  • Rock City Tap, Rock City, IL
  • Rosati's Pizza, Freeport, IL
  • Route 20 Bar & Grill, Freeport, IL 
  • Route 73 Brew & Chew, Pearl City, IL
  • Route 75 Bar & Grill, Dakota, IL
  • This Is It Eatery, Freeport, IL
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