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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Asian Greens Stir Fry & Fried Rice recipe step-by-step

Each fall, there are dozens of varieties of beautiful greens grown here at Wishful Acres Farm.  Sweet lettuce, spicy arugula, crisp spinach, and my specialty: over half a dozen Asian greens: Pak Choi (aka Bok Choy), Tat Soi, Mizuna, red spoon-leaf spicy mustard, gorgeous red frilly mustard, and wavy green Asian mustard greens, too!  While all of these greens can be eaten raw in salads, they are also delicious cooked!  

It's very simple to stir fry Asian greens.  Simply chop them all about the same size (bite size pieces work nicely).  It also helps if you keep any thicker or crunchier portions separate as those take longer to cook (for example, the pak choi stems are thick & crunchy and take longer to cook than the top leaf portion of the pak choi.

After chopping all your Asian greens, prepare a pan for stir fry by placing it over a low-medium heat with enough oil to coat the bottom of the pan.  Add the thicker parts first (stems, also any onions etc that you may wish to add).  Stir fry the thicker parts, stirring frequently, until they begin to become tender.  Then add the leafy greens next.  Stir it all until everything is tender.  Now is also the time to season it.  Some options include: garlic powder (or fresh chopped garlic can be added with the greens), soy sauce or salt, and if you like it spicy you can add some red pepper flakes or Asian chili sauce.

That's it!  It's done, and so simple & easy.  How about a starch along with it?  You could use pasta to make it into a lo mein or rice, or even fried rice as pictured cooking  below.  I make fried rice by using leftover pre-cooked Brown rice.  I scramble a few eggs in a dish, add the rice to a pan, stir the scrambled raw eggs into the rice, and allow it to cook (stirring frequently) until the egg has cooked through completely.  I season it with soy sauce.  

Pictured below, finished stir fry on the right includes a bag of Wishful Acres Farm Asian Greens & an onion.  On left, the fried rice is cooking. 

I hope you enjoy!

Best Wishes from Wishful Acres Farm!

Some of the Asian Greens pictured below, grown in the fields right here at the farm.  So beautiful!

Wishful Acres Farm

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