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Friday, August 8, 2014

Wow, what a harvest week!

A fantastic week here at the farm!  We received an inch of rain earlier this week, for which we were very grateful!  Despite the recent dry spell (we do irrigate during dry spells), our vegetable fields abound with bounty!  Just take a look at this week's share!  All of the members in our CSA program received:

- Beets
- Carrots
- Baby summer squash (4 varieties)
- New potatoes
- Onions
- Zucchini (unlimited amount!)
- Cucumbers (unlimited amount!)
- Asian cucumbers
- Broccoli
- Asian eggplant (oops, forgot to put in picture!)
- Sweet peppers, multi colors 
- Hot peppers
- Garlic
- Red tomato
- cherry tomatoes, multi colors 

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