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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Introducing our new member program: Winter Micro-Greens CSA!

Starting this December, you will be able to purchase a "share" in the winter growing season here at Wishful Acres Farm!

Did you know we grow year-round, right here in Northwest Illinois at the Wisconsin border?  You bet!

Our Micro-Greens and wheatgrass are grown during winter in indoor, greenhouse-type conditions.  Supplemental light, supplemental heat, all grown in certified organic greenhouse potting soil, using only certified organic seed.  Our micro-greens & wheatgrass are USDA Certified Organic!

If you live near Freeport, IL, here is your chance to receive delicious, nutritious baby greens all winter long at wholesale prices!!!

There will be 2 options for shares, with prices starting at just $12 per share!  (However, as with any CSA program, the entire amount for the whole season is paid up front.)  A small share will consist of 4 small bags twice per month (2 spring mix, 1 sweet pea green, and 1 sunflower green), and a large share will consist of the same thing twice per month, only the bags are large sized (twice as large, actually, but not twice the price, so a large share is a better deal!).  Additionally, there will be options to add wheatgrass or additional bags to your share.

The Winter Micro-Greens CSA shares will be picked up at Your Core Being, 7 W Main Street, Freeport, IL, every other Saturday, from December through April.  The exact pickup dates, pricing information, and lots of other details can be viewed on the sign-up sheet, available on our web site.

For more information please visit our web site at, or contact Penny at  The sign-up sheet can be emailed to you at your request.

Pictures of our micro-greens & wheatgrass:






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