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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Our 6th growing season begins amongst record cold & snow

The first vegetable seeds of the 2014 growing season have been planted into greenhouse flats! This first planting include the really cold-hardy crops such as kale.

Thus begins the 6th year of Wishful Acres Farm!

Hopefully, by planting these seeds, some spring weather will finally arrive. We had -15 degrees yesterday morning (yes, another record low for us). This has been the coldest winter of my lifetime, and I've lived in this area my whole life. I believe the record keepers are currently saying we're in the midst of the 3rd coldest winter on record for our area. Our children have had 2 full weeks of snow days off school, but all of them have been due to cold temps (we saw -30 degrees F here one morning, and super cold wind chills (-30 to -50 below zero Fahrenheit). It's been a rough winter, no one can remember a winter like this, ever).

And snow! Boy, have we had snow! Piles & piles of snow! Here is a picture of our hoop house today, on March 3, piled with snow (the piles of snow along the side are about 6 feet high). Another 5 inches of snow is predicted for tonight. Enough of this winter, we are all waving the white flag of surrender.

So, in the midst of knee-high snow and -15 temperatures, the 6th growing season officially begins...

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