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Friday, January 24, 2014

Orders packed fresh!

Saturday is the busiest day for customer deliveries. (Our farm's customers choose from several days, times, and cities for home delivery of their micro-greens & wheatgrass.)

I prefer to provide our customers with the freshest products possible. This means that I harvest and package their orders the day before the customer receives them. Super Fresh = better taste, higher nutrition, higher quality, longer lasting. The shelf life of our micro-greens seems to be at least 2 weeks (I've had some in our fridge that were still fine at 3 weeks). As we also eat them, I've actually never had any sitting around long enough to go bad!

So, today is a Friday, and I'm harvesting & packaging all of the Saturday delivery orders. Pictured here are "medium" size bags of our Spring Mix micro-greens. These are packaged in a gallon-size bag, an I purposely leave a lot of air inside to prevent damage. (These greens are a bit fragile).

Yum!!! The spring mix is my favorite for salads. Yay for salads grown here on this farm in January! :)

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