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Friday, November 8, 2013

Asian Greens Extravaganza!

This week's CSA member share is chock full of beautiful, delicious Asian Greens!  There will be plenty of chopping and stir fry cooking going on in all the CSA member households this weekend!

The weather may be cold, but our farm's CSA season is super long!  We run for 30 weeks!  Our members will be enjoying fresh vegetables from our farm until December 7.

This week's share, as pictured:

- winter squash

- Japanese salad turnips

- black radishes

- red radishes

- cilantro or dill, customer choice

- Tatsoi (Asian green)

- Tokyo Bekana (Asian green)

- garlic

- Chinese Cabbage

- red mustard greens

- Mizuna (Asian green)

- Lettuce (full heads of frilly red oak leaf lettuce)

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