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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Loving the black radish

I've been eating black radishes tonight, and I must say that I love them! When I tried one a month or two ago in the farm field, it was super spicy. The one I harvested today was really mild. Perhaps the cooler temperatures of fall have made the flavor more mild? Or maybe I simply harvested a mild one.

I've been snacking on thinly sliced black radish, on a cracker. I've tried both butter & cream cheese on the cracker. They're both good, but I'm leaning toward the butter. If I had some fresh dill on hand, to sprinkle over the radish cracker with cream cheese, that would be a winner. But it's dark outside, and raining, so no trip out to the dill patch tonight! Perhaps some of our farm's CSA members can try it & let me know?

I do wish I had a fancier cracker. I'm using our sons' saltines! I would prefer something multigrain. That would be outstanding. Black radishes. I was hesitant, but they've won me over. I'll bet they would be fantastic thinly sliced in an Asian chicken soup full of Asian greens and cilantro. Yum! :)

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